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“Blink and you will miss it” – This seems to be the theme for 2023. It feels like we have just come back from Christmas, and we are already coming to the end of 2023. 

Blygold Qld have been extremely busy in 2023. Our workshop is making use of our 2 new spray booths which are full of new units being protected prior to being delivered to site. With the option of having the full treatment on units (which includes coils, casings, pipework & components, pc boards and stainless steel screws) for those extremely corrosive environments or just some of these components, our clients can confidently install these units knowing they will still be in good condition in the future. 

Blygold Queensland will close on Friday 22/12/23 at 12pm and reopen on Monday 08/01/24. We would like to wish all our Customers a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. 

Blygold SA/NT

Heat Pump Protection A Must To Protect Your Water Heating Needs

Out with Gas and in with Heat Pumps. We have seen a triple digit increase of Heat pumps this year. Embracing the future with these is key.

Heat pumps are the new technology for Underfloor heating, Hot Water re-circulatory heating and Pool heating. With low running costs this has given the industry a technological change.

Protecting and keeping the heat exchange in as new condition is a priority to keep the energy efficiency and longevity high. We offer the Coils, Casings, Screws to 316 stainless and PCB protection to all units being treated. 

Here at Blygold SA-NT, we want to wish all of our readers and Clients a wonderful and safe festive season. We are looking forward to you calling in or contacting us for your HVAC needs in 2024. 

Blygold SA-NT will close Wednesday 20/12/23 and return Monday 08/01/24 

Blygold NSW

Preserving HVAC assets becomes crucial during economic downturns when various commercial sectors face financial challenges. Ensuring the longevity and optimal

performance of existing assets makes financial sense in such times. BLYGOLD’s comprehensive range of treatments is designed to help clients maximize the efficiency and durability of their current HVAC systems cost-effectively.

BLYGOLD provides the following refurbishment services:

  • Coils and headers treatment
  • Framework and panels refurbishment

BLYGOLD’s services contribute to extending the lifespan of HVAC assets while maintaining peak efficiency. By doing so, it alleviates the need for significant capital investments during economic constraints, ensuring a consistent and comfortable HVAC experience. As economic conditions improve, one can consider replacing coils or the entire unit at a later stage.

When opting for replacement, it is advisable to have the new HVAC asset treated with BLYGOLD for prolonged and extended functionality before installation. This proactive approach ensures that the investment in a new system is safeguarded for lasting performance.

Blygold NSW will be closing on Friday 22/12/23 and reopening on Monday 08/01/24. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Blygold VIC/TAS

It’s been another incredibly busy year for Blygold Vic-Tas with the usual mix of new AC outdoor/indoor units, refrigeration coils, heat pumps, gas boiler casings, industrial and vehicular heat exchangers, and on-site treatments of in-service HVAC equipment.

Building design consultants, energy efficiency advisers and facility managers are becoming increasingly aware of and addressing the enormous costs associated with the inefficient operation and premature degradation and failure of corroded HVAC equipment by specifying Blygold anti-corrosion treatments.

Blygold coil treatments deliver immediate operating cost savings of up to 20% by restoring energy efficiency and thermal capacity, and substantial capital cost reductions through doubling or tripling the remaining service life of the equipment. The best option is to always apply the Blygold treatment to new equipment, but even a chiller that’s looking worse for wear after 7 to 10 or more years in service can be treated to restore and maintain its optimum performance years beyond its expected retirement date if left untreated.

Blygold Victoria will close midday Thursday 21/12/23 and reopen Monday 08/01/24. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

When your equipment needs the best available corrosion protection.
No job is too big or too small for Blygold Victoria. 

Blygold WA

Blygold WA’s last day will be Friday 22/12/23 and reopening Monday 15/01/24. 

Blygold New Zealand

Another year is almost gone, and against all predictions of another economic crisis, we have been fortunate enough to maintain a steady flow of work, increasing by the week with all our customers that have been loyal to our brand since we started operations in March 2012. We have almost tripled our customer base from last year, thanks to your constant recommendations and word of mouth.
Blygold NZ has grown from a one man band 12 years ago, to a very productive company with 8 full time members that keep the Blygold name as the No.1  leader in the New Zealand HVAC and Refrigeration anticorrosion protection system. For this a big thank you to all of you that believe in what we have been doing, that believe that Blygold is the only product that really solve the corrosion problem that affects New Zealand, not just in corrosive industrial, coastal and urban areas, but also in one of the harshest environments: Rotorua.

We still relay on importing all our materials from The Netherlands which has presented some challenges, specially dealing with the constant shipping companies delays on transit, lack of containers, and recently strikes in Australian ports that have complicated even more this “ecosystem”, nothing that you are not also experience yourselves. Our Head Office has proacting implemented a solution and has recently created a HUB in Brisbane where we will be able to access material in a more dynamic way. Also it is on the drawing board the possibility to have a smaller HUB in NZ where we can stock more material on a specially designated D.G. storage facility in Auckland.

During all this time, we have been engaged in a daily basis with all sorts of previous and newer models: traditional splits and VRF’s big, medium and small chillers, loose coils of all sorts, are constantly arriving in an departing out. Over all this time, we have been fortunate to keep building a great professional relationship with all of you, with all our customers. Which have make us be better every day.

Again, thank you for your continuous support and trust in what we do. Have a well deserved Christmas break, recharge your energy for the upcoming year and we will be looking forward to keep working with you and with all your projects.

We will be off on Friday 22nd and we will be back on 8 January 2024.

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