Data Centres

Data centres offer data storage capacity for a variety of clients. Those centres are operational continuously as all that data must be available 24/7. Storing the data requires a large amount of servers which in turn requires enormous cooling capacity to keep working temperatures for the computers at an optimal level. A large number of chillers can therefore be found at such centres.

But even then the cooling capacity may not be as required. It is for this reason that many of the data centres choose for adiabatic cooling. This continuous spraying of water on the heat exchangers gives extra capacity but also causes severe (galvanic) corrosion and often deposits of calcium which in turn diminishes the cooling capacity again. Anti-corrosion protection of those exchangers is vital to keep the equipment performing at top level.

Cooling with high efficiency & reliability

Blygold heat exchanger protection will minimize capacity loss of an installation caused by corrosion and pollution. Through a remarkable application technique the total heat-exchanging surface will be protected with a thin but dense coating layer, extending the lifetime of the heat exchangers. The risk of breakdowns will be much lower, and related costs can be avoided. Substantial savings can easily be obtained simply by having the heat exchangers treated by a Blygold certified applicator before or even after installation.

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Blygold works with a global network of the best trained and licensed applicators, creating the same high-level of quality applications all over the world. Our Global Quality Standard, thoroughly tested products and specialised unique application techniques offer the best corrosion protection measures available.

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