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Blygold Solutions

Blygold Heat Exchanger Protection

Blygold treaments are revolutionary treatments design to prevent corrosion and to reduce unnecessary capacity loss of heat exchangers. These treatments consist of degreasing, chemical pretreatment and applications of a top coating. The type of top coating depends on the location of the heat exchanger.

Blygold protection systems can be aplied in the factory as well as in the field.
New heat exchangers and slightly corroded units can be treated to prevent or to stop further deterioration.

Treatment of Corrosion

Corrosion has devastating effects on your heat exchangers as these photos show you. Most organizations canít afford to have a dysfunctional climate control system. So, donít wait until you experience problems in your heat exchangers, but prevent this by applying the unique Blygold coating. The Blygold treatment and coating can be applied on new and existing units, in our workshop or on site.

No protection and the result is corrosion Blygold Application Blygold protected plant
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Results with Blygold

Combined with maintenance contracts, Blygold protection systems will ensure a high performance level of your heat exchanger. An increase of energy consumption is prevented and the required cooling capacity is maintained. Blygold treatments will extend the life of your heat exchanger.

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