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Why protect Palm Island's Climate Systems?

  • Salty air and sand storms are highly corrosive
  • Polluted air is highly corrosive


  • Patented Blygold application protocol


  • Energy savings up to 20%
  • Extends the lifetime of the climate system
  • Prevents breakdown of the climate system
  • Treatment costs can be recovered in 1 year
'We simply can't permit air conditioning breakdowns'

'Our guests expect luxury and comfort, and that certainly includes good air conditioning'

'Air conditioning systems which consume low amounts of energy are indispensable with today's high energy prices'

'We won't need to concern ourselves about our climate system in the coming years'

Palm Island is located in Dubai and is a man-made island sculpted into the sea. Dubai has a highly corrosive environment with high levels of salt, humidity, industry and sand. The combination of these elements leads to rapid corrosion of the heat exchanger. Once corrosion occurs the heat exchanger will experience failures resulting in higher energy costs. Because of this aggressive environment all of the air conditioning units at Palm Island have been treated with Blygold.

Blygold has successfully protected 12.000 air conditioning units at Palm Island.