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Why protect Museums' Climate Systems?

  • City gasses are highly corrosive
  • Polluted air is highly corrosive


  • Patented Blygold application protocol


  • Energy savings up to 20%
  • Extends the lifetime of the climate system
  • Prevents breakdown of the climate system
  • Treatment costs can be recovered in 1 year
'As Curator, I have to have full confidence in our air conditioning systems'

'Damage to pictures and statues is prevented'

'Energy conservation not only reduces costs, but also spares the environment'

'An excellent air quality is essential to the conservation of our art treasures'


  • Louvre Museum

  • Van Gogh Museum

  • Rijksmuseum

  • Beaubourg


One of the most important considerations in operating a museum is the air quality. Museums house collections of artwork that require proper temperature, humidity control and clean air. When the atmosphere in a museum is not according to strict specifications this can result in high restoration costs or damaged artwork. An ever-increasing rate of air pollution is threatening air conditioning systems and the buildings they are in. Pollution will not only affect the indoor air quality but also the performance of the air conditioning system. A corroded air cooled heat exchanger causes a higher condensing temperature resulting in higher energy consumption.

Museums all over the world have chosen Blygold to protect their air conditioning system to ensure a long life, optimal performance and reduced energy costs.