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Blygold Australia


Blygold International is known worldwide as a leader in anti-corrosion / protective HVAC* coil coatings. The unique products and method of application have successfully been developed and established for over 30 years.

Blygold Australia is active in supporting you in the prevention of corrosion which can and does have such devastating effects on the efficiency of your A/C units.

Anti-corrosion treatment is often limited to application in the factory of the A/C supplier and can't be maintained on site. Blygold International has developed an application procedure which is so effective as well as mobile that it can be applied on site as well.

This means that the Blygold coating can be applied on existing A/C units and be part of successful refurbishments in commercial buildings. It also means that unlike most other products on the market Blygold can be maintained on site and because of this unique feature we can extend our warranty year after year after year.

A heat exchanger treated by Blygold Australia will be protected against corrosion resulting in:

  • saving up to 20% on energy use
  • doubling the lifespan of the heat exchangers
  • ensuring the highest level of performance of heat exchangers
  • increasing reliability of the climate control system
  • providing cleaner air to staff, visitors and other users.
  • In general our services earn themselves back within 12 months.

The specifications that make our coatings unique are:

  • a post coating, meaning applied after assembly of the coils
  • provides full coverage, not only of the fins but also the connection with the copper tubes and the tubes themselves as well as the headers
  • has a 53% metal pigmentation, so conductivity stays high
  • can be applied on site as well as in our workshop
  • can be maintained on site
  • member of the GBCA and has been approved by EcoSpecifier.


Often the casing around the unit is exposed to the harsh climate as well and will corrode even more than the coils themselves. Blygold has developed a very efficient anti-corrosion treatment for the casing as well, which can be applied on site too.


Blygold also offers the possibility to protect equipment against microbiological growth and protection of your heat exchanger in high temperature environments. The Blygold HVAC coil protection is a very effective chiller coil - anti corrosion protection.

*HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning and is sometimes referred to as Climate Control.

Ecospecifier    Green Building Council Australia Member