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Why protect Hospitals' Climate Systems?

  • Outdoor pollution is a threat to air conditioning installations and patients health


  • Patented Blygold application protocol


  • Energy savings up to 20%
  • Extends the lifetime of the climate system
  • Prevents breakdown of the climate system
  • Treatment costs can be recovered in 1 year
'We must be able to guarantee the health of our patients'

'Bacteria, moulds and viruses pose serious threats'

'The health-care sector could certainly use some savings in their energy costs'

'The failure of a hospital air conditioning system really doesn't bear thinking about'


  • Utrecht Medical Center
  • St. Antonius Hospital
  • Ac. Hospital Groningen
  • Ac. Hospital VUB
  • Ac. Hospital St-Blasius
  • Hospital Reine Marie-Astrid
  • Hospital Ste Elisabeth


Hospitals must maintain the highest level of hygiene and indoor air quality in order to combat the growth of bacteria. The air conditioning is essential in this process. While intended to control humidity, temperature, CO2 and other indoor climate parameters, air conditioning systems can also be the cause of transmission of diseases within a hospital. Special preventative measures can ensure optimal performance of the air conditioning and a reduced risk of microbiological outbreaks.

Hospitals all over the world use Blygold to ensure a high efficient and hygienically air conditioning system.